What we do

Our vision is to be the leading construction company in Nelson Mandela Bay, in terms of quality, product delivery, health and safety, equality and customer satisfaction.
Through our total quality management approach to all projects we shall strive to:

  • provide a safe workplace for all workers and visitors on our construction sites
  • train and develop staff and workers, and empower them to perform at their best
  • promote and develop HDI’s and SMME’s through our regular use of labour only sub contracts
  • understand the diverse needs of our clients and set target parameters in place to meet their needs
  • serve our target market ethically, with honour and dignity
TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT: continually striving to achieve a product with zero defects
PROJECT DELIVERY: delivering on time and safely for all involved
SERVICE: honest and reliable extending beyond contractual obligations and the industry standard
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: the chief end and purpose of our values
Built on Excellence